Valentine’s day is a time to stop and take stock of all the people in your lives that you care about and this post is intended to give a great big (deep pressure) hug to the moms and dads on my caseload.  I am continuously inspired by your dedication to learning more about “that sensory processing stuff” and giving some of my unusual suggestions a try!   I know that at times you may feel like we should light incense and hum but you humor me anyway and I have to say the results have been impressive.  Here are a few of my recent sensory success stories which include the universal love language of deep pressure…..

Photo by Siddhant Soni on Unsplash
  • For the first time EVER one darling two year old slept through the night after making some easy changes to their evening bedtime routine and giving her a weighted blanket to sleep with.
  • Another family has been using the Wilbarger brushing protocol diligently and have noticed less aggression and fewer tantrums (he also offers to brush them which is way cute!)
  • One creative family took some snack bags filled with sand to Build a Bear and asked them to create an extra heavy stuffed animal for their child who craves deep pressure – they were happy to help and it has been a hit with their daughter!
  • Wearing a back pack weighed down with sensory goodies and favorite toys has helped one little friend tolerate going out to eat with his family
  • Creating a cozy spot with weighted blankets, pillows and a small sleeping bag has proven to be the perfect place for one of my friends to calm and self-regulate towards the end of their day when they are most likely to tantrum (and their parents are busy preparing dinner)
  • A lap buddy (made from their dad’s athletic sock filled with beans) has enabled one little boy to sit with his preschool class and participate during circle time