Rachael our OT is amazing!  Our little guy just loves her and is exciting to work with her each week.  She has worked hard to target his needed skills, but keeps therapy fun and helps him stay engaged.  He just had his developmental assessment and scored MUCH improved in fine motor!  His evaluator couldn’t believe how well he focused to complete each task.  All thanks to Rachael!   – LT

My daughter has been with Locus…since (the) Fall (of) 2020. We absolutely love the team of Locus from Beth all the way around. We have worked with two therapists both in person and virtually. The team has helped us to understand my daughter and has helped us put techniques in place to help her sensory needs. They really understand our needs as a family and as a caregiver. We would absolutely recommend Locus to anyone looking for quality OT.


Dr Beth Hathaway changed our lives! Loving my son was never a problem, we had a close bond from the very beginning but I couldn’t help him. I couldn’t comfort him, I didn’t understand him (emotionally) there was a wall not only that I couldn’t climb but I didn’t know was there. When Beth started working with our family everything changed. She showed me the wall blocking me from helping my son and taught me how to break it down brick by brick. I was given knowledge about what my son was experiencing, and knowledge about the way to help him, not just a temporary fix-it. Having the knowledge helped me understand why he did things and recognize the new things he did that needed to be addressed.

As major transitions came to pass I was very resistant, I was scared of his reaction to change and I wasn’t ready for him to grow up. Beth remained steady but patient, never expressed frustration with my resistance to heed the advice she knew was going to help my son. We never felt pressured into any change we weren’t ready for, she was compassionate to our daily struggles and guided us through the inevitable transitions of crib to bed and bottle to cup. {With her advice and support both were smooth and successful} When our son experienced progress she celebrated with us, and when we experienced set backs she encouraged us.

Through this amazing journey Beth has been our guide, our lifeline our rock. She provided us with alternative options for expensive therapy equipment and accessories, and showed us how to modify everyday things and our environment to benefit our son. Though my son is non-verbal he tells me what he needs, I just didn’t speak his language. Beth was, and still is, his translator helping me speak HIS language. As my son’s 3rd birthday approaches (rapidly) I look back on the time we have been blessed with Beth in our lives, there is no better way to put it other than that, BLESSED!! Beth has consistently gone out of her way to help our family, to support encourage and educate us as much as possible.

As the first part of our journey is coming to a close I struggle and I reflect. I was blessed with an amazing early intervention team and moving to the next part of our journey is difficult for me. All I know, all I’ve learned, my understanding of his struggles all of these major contributor to my parenting was taught to me from Beth. I can confidently say I would not be the mother I am to my son without Dr Beth Hathaway. I will never be able to express my true appreciation for all she has given our family. If you are blessed to have even just a single visit with Beth you will understand just what a gift she truly is.

Forever Grateful,
McNamee Family