We offer a number of unique programs that have been developed with families in mind. Our programs expand the “natural environment” of home or school to include neighborhood activities that are both fun and therapeutic. We look forward to engaging with you and your child to explore!

Seeds & Sprouts

We provide a range of gardening experiences including home kits that have been sent home to our families and a vision for larger gardening project that includes raised vegetable and flower gardens strategically placed around our service area

We welcome you to email our Director of Program Development, Lauren Clark, to learn more about this program.

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SK8 S’cool

SK8 S’cool is a new program by Locus that is currently occurring in driveways and on sidewalks across our service area. The pilot program includes the use of a skateboard or scooter board to help children work on motor planning and skills, balance, and other goals from their customized plan. Future plans include an expansion of this program to community sites and small group gatherings.

Ryan Ogilvy and Danny Lightheart are helping our program team launch and implement this exciting new offering for Locus. Our program is being developed in collaboration with the founder of Everyday Skate in New Zealand. Check out their video:

Barn Buddies

Barn Buddies is our hippotherapy and barnyard skills program. Participants work on sensory input and motor planning and skills while seated atop a horse with adult sidewalkers or around the barn and pasture with a creative curriculum that is sure to engage. This program was inactive during the early stages of the pandemic and is being relaunched. It is suitable for children 3+.

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